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When I started selling almost 10 years ago, there wasn’t much information online about performing outreach effectively. But recently, the space has started booming. 

The boom in SaaS has meant that generating customers and scaling a business has become as competitive as ever, and to be successful, you need to be doing things differently.

10 years ago, selling was simply picking up the phone or hitting the streets and having conversations. Today it is no longer the case. 

Today selling has crossed boundaries across many different disciplines, including but not limited to marketing, copywriting, content, outreach, SEO, pitching, AI and tech. 

For this reason, you can no longer only be a sales manager in the space, and it’s becoming increasingly common to see terms like growth hacking, sales operations and revenue operation take its place.

Coming a long way from knocking on doors, much of what I do encompasses all of the above; I use AI and automation to scale outreach efforts, craft meticulous email copy and build sales sequences that convert, create content that gets noticed and drive effective SEO strategies for top 10 google rankings.

To be successful as a SaaS business in 2022. You need all of the above. 

As a result, I’ve:

  • Booked over 30 sales meetings in a single month
  • Generated meetings with companies at $1billion+ turnover
  • Created content that ranks in Google’s top 10 in less than a month
  • Sold seven figures plus in goods and services
  • Developed growth hacking systems to rapidly scale SaaS 
  • Had exposure to many markets and SaaS solutions, including Accounting, Legal, Finance, Construction and Professional Services.

Services I provide include:

  • SDR outreach programs
  • SDR Manager as a service
  • Content and SEO consulting services
  • Email and copywriting consultancy
  • Link building services

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