Week In Review: 30th Oct 2022

I thought it would be a good idea to start posting weekly updates when it comes to the goals I have been tracking on this site. 

The intention will be to state the progress I have made week to week as well as providing a platform to keep myself accountable and on track.

In this post, I will reflect on habits and principles that are working and/or not working and make a conscious effort to change what isn’t working in order to achieve a forward trajectory that compounds with time. 

Goals Updates

I will easily rank top 10 on google for the term free leads.

This week I completed updating my free leads blog post to the point where I now have the highest content score according to Surfer SEO.

Now that I have achieved a top score, I need to focus my efforts on getting backlinks to the post. In theory, gaining 30 backlinks to this post should get me a good ranking on Google, so that will be my focus for the foreseeable future.

Currently, I have two referring domains to this blog post. I will target two more this week.


  1. Get a minimum of two backlinks added to my post.

I will easily publish 80 guest blog posts this quarter.

I struggled a little with this goal this week and I think it needs to be changed. The end goal isn’t to achieve 80 guest posts, the end goal is to achieve referring domains which in turn will improve my domain rating, which in turn will help me rank higher on Google.

For this reason I am making a slight tweak to this goal to become more targeted in my approach.

I found that I was putting too much pressure on myself to churn out content this week which resulted in a quantity of content at the expense of quality.

Last week, I published 3 of 5 new blog posts and achieved outreach to 27 of a target of 35. This week, I want to make a few changes to be more efficient in my outcomes and results.

  1. Rather than having the goal of publishing 1x blog post a day, I am going to target writing 1000 words per day. This will ensure that I don’t just publish something for the sake of getting it out, and I can at least then ensure the quality is good enough that it at least has a chance of ranking.
  2. Because of the resistance I often feel with writing content, I will schedule an hour each day after my morning meetings to get it done, a time which has previously been used to ‘take a break’. If I finish writing before the hour is up. I will fill the rest of the time with blogging outreach.
  3. Last week I made myself the goal making 5 outreach efforts per day – this is pretty inefficient. So this week I will batch my Outreach efforts and complete as much Outreach as I can with focused blocks (for a target of 35 for the week). It doesn’t matter when this is done as I currently have a good weeks worth guest content to create so I will complete this when time best allows.


  1. Write 1000 words per day
  2. Outreach a total of 35 prospects
  3. Plan out my blog content for the next month, including 2x BOFU, 1x TOFU & 1x LA.

I will easily achieve a body fat reading of 12% by the end of the year (navy method).

I added this goal to my 2022 goals last week. It was a bit shocking to see that I’m sitting at about 20% body fat (although this is on the high side for readings I think.

This week has my body fat percentage at 19%, down one percentage point since my last measurement so I’ll consider that progress

To support my efforts this week, I am going to:

  1. Hit my protein goal of 200g per day, targeting mostly meat (I have ordered some whey for the days that I can’t hit it through food)
  2. Train a minimum of 2x at BJJ
  3. Run on the days I don’t train at BJJ
  4. Aim to workout at the gym 6x this week

Till next week.

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