Week In Review: 23rd Oct 2022

I thought it would be a good idea to start posting weekly updates when it comes to the goals I have been tracking on this site. 

The intention will be to state the progress I have made week to week as well as providing a platform to keep myself accountable and on track.

In this post, I will reflect on habits and principles that are working and/or not working and make a conscious effort to change what isn’t working in order to achieve a forward trajectory that compounds with time. 

Goals Updates

I will easily rank top 10 on google for the term free leads.

This week I ranked for one more keyword which is good to see. I have been consistently improving the site with more content over the last week which I believe might be the reason I am starting to rank more highly.

Over the next week, I want to completely finish updating the post with content and affiliate links, so this will be a focus.

I’ve added two new backlinks to the post, for a total of 2. According to aHrefs I need to get 30 backlinks to rank for the term free leads so a little way to go yet.

Actions: Finish updating Free Leads blog post

I will easily publish 80 guest blog posts this quarter.

I got two blog posts published this week, one on getrafiki.com (DR30), and one on SalesTable (DR1). For me to hit the goal of 80 guest posts (or referring domains), by the end of the year I need to really ramp up my outreach and content production efforts. For this reasons, I will.

  • Outreach a minimum of 35 Linkedin prospects
  • Write a minimum of 5 new blog posts

As long as I can remain consistent with this I should start seeing good results. I just need to put in the work. My domain rating has improved 1 point this week, from 5 to 6 which is encouraging to see.

That’s all for this week. A couple of other things I want to work on include:

  • Flesh out a project with my career: What do I need to do to provide the most leverage with my job?
  • Get consistent with my health and fitness goals (which can be found in my 2022 goals post)

Till next week.

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