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The Ultimate Guide to IG Reels Length (4 Examples!)

Instagram Reels is a way to create and share short-form video content on social media. It allows users to capture and edit 15-second videos with various creative tools, such as audio tracks, transitions, and AR effects. You can also add a hashtag or music track to your social media Reel to make it even more engaging.

Whether your Instagram reel’s goal is to get more views, conversions or engagements, there is an Instagram reels length that is certain to get you the results you are looking for.

In this post, I’ll cover the different types of Instagram Reels lengths and when to use them for maximum impact. We’ll also discuss what to consider when creating an Instagram Reel to ensure it works for your audience.

15 Seconds: The Best Length for Views

In 2022, we know that a viewer’s attention span is shorter than ever. It’s essential to get your point across quickly and effectively to capture the attention of Instagram users. The best length for views on your Instagram reels is anything from about 3 seconds to 15 seconds.

Because of the poor attention spans of users, short videos tend to do much better.

If you were to do videos that were 90 seconds long, for example, you’d probably find that your audience won’t stick around and watch the entire thing unless your video had maximum effect.

To get higher content views, record short and snappy videos that are about 15 seconds long or less. This length is also beneficial for your audience because it’s quick and easy to watch, meaning they can move on to the next piece of content without feeling overwhelmed.

18 Seconds: The Best Length for Shares

Add a 3-second call to action at the end of your Instagram reel to get more shares on your content. This could be as simple as “Share this with your friends” or something more creative.

The best length for a shareable Instagram reel is usually 18 seconds. It allows you to convey your point and add a call to action engagingly without wasting the viewers’ time.

7-18 Seconds: The Best Length for Comments

You need to be creative to get more comments and conversations on your content. Try using stories or interactive polls as part of your Instagram Reel. They help to start discussions and conversations about your content.

The best range for comments is 7-18 seconds. That way, you can explain your story or polls in as much detail as possible without wasting time.

By ensuring that you are more conversational with the content you create, you can get more comments and conversations on your Instagram Reels.

You may want to ask a question to get your audience to engage more with your Instagram reels.

90 Seconds: The Best Length for Conversions

If you are looking to sell your product on social media, Instagram reels can go a long way to helping your marketing efforts.

Instagram reels of between 60 seconds and 90 seconds are great for telling a story about your business and adding a call to action should the user want to purchase your product.

If you happen to be running an ad campaign, your Instagram reels should be no longer than 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Anything longer than 60 seconds may not be as effective, and the user may forget what product or service you are advertising before they can act.

The 90 second video is a good length if you have a lot of content to fit in, but in saying that, a 90 second video is the max time available for Instagram Reels.

Tips and Tricks for Getting More Instagram App Video Views

When it comes to Instagram reels, quality trumps quantity, and there are certain things you can do behind the scenes to ensure you create compelling video content within the time limit for your desired outcome.

Consider some of these best practices below to get the most out of your Instagram reels:

Keep it short and sweet. Stick to the recommended time frames for each goal you are trying to achieve.

Start with a hook. Invite the viewer in with an interesting or intriguing opening to grab their attention.

Tell a story. Keep your message succinct yet engaging to hold their attention.

Be creative. Use visuals, music, and other features to create a unique vibe for your reel.

Add a call to action. Give viewers something to do after watching your video, such as sharing it with friends or visiting your website.

Monitor and optimize. Keep track of your video performance and adjust as needed to maximize views.

By following these guidelines, you can create effective Instagram reels that will grab the attention of your viewers and ultimately lead to more views, shares, comments, conversions, and success.

With the right content strategy and creative approach, you can use Instagram reels to engage with your audience and propel your business forward. Get started today to see what Instagram reels can do for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories?

The main difference between Instagram reels and Instagram stories is the length of the video.

Reels can be up to 30 seconds long, whereas stories can be up to 15 seconds long so has a shorter time limit.

What’s the best time frame for a reel?

It depends on what goal you are trying to achieve with your reel: 18 seconds is best for shares, 7-18 seconds is best for comments, and 60-90 seconds is best for conversions.

What are some tips for effective Instagram reels?

Start with a hook, tell a story, be creative with visuals and music, add a call to action, and keep track of your performance.

These will help you create Instagram reels that will engage your viewers and lead to more success.

What is the maximum length for an Instagram reel?

The maximum length for an Instagram reel video is 30 seconds. Anything longer than this may not be as effective.

What are some of the best practices for sharing an Instagram reel?

Make sure to add a caption, relevant hashtags, and an appropriate location tag. You can also link your reel to other social media platforms or stories for maximum engagement. Lastly, be sure to monitor and optimize your performance to get the most out of your Instagram reels.

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