How I Ranked Google Top 10 for the Term Free Leads

This post will outline my plan and journey to achieving a top-ten ranking for the term ‘free leads’ which can be found below:

Disclaimer: I don’t know if any actions I outline and implement here will work. I guess time will tell.


I recently stumbled across this blog post by Backlinko outlining how to rank higher on Google so I gathered implementing the tactics outlined here would be a good place to start.

I will also be pushing backlinks to my post through my guest blogging efforts. According to ahrefs I need to get 30 backlinks to rank on page one, so I better get moving.

I will use Surfer SEO to audit my page, make the required content improvement changes, and use their content planner to write supporting content to gain topical authority.

For this goal I looking to make changes incrementally and track the improvements (or lack thereof) over time.

Goal Updates

Day Zero: 9th Oct 2022

Current Positions

free leads52AUS
100 free leads20US

Google Search Console Performance


  • Frontload title with target keyword

Changed title from ‘How to get 820 Free Leads for Sales Outreach’ to ‘Free Leads: Get 820 Free Leads to Skyrocket Sales Results’.

  • Add 1000 words to post
  • Sign up to all product affiliate programs

That’s all for now! I will be updating this post as time goes on so be sure to come back to see how things progress in the near future.

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