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Free Leads: Get 820 Leads for Free to Skyrocket Sales

Sales outreach can be a tough process. You have to identify potential customers, figure out how to contact them, and then hope that they’re interested in what you’re selling.

One way to make sales outreach easier is to use data enrichment platforms. These platforms collect data from a variety of sources and then enrich it with additional information. This can include contact information, social media profiles, and more.

Enrichment platforms make it easy to find potential customers and get their contact information. And best of all, many of them offer free trials or free leads.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get 820 free leads for sales outreach using data enrichment platforms, perfect for early-stage startups looking to dip their toes in the water with sales outreach without breaking the bank. Or, a sales development representative who wants some quality leads!

How To Generate Leads for Free

Whilst completing research for my post on sales tools and resources I quickly recognised the amount of companies out there offering leads for free!

Knowing how expensive lead generation can be, I thought it would be a great idea to have a resource on my site that shows you how to get free sales leads. This post won’t be educational but more an epic listicle for sales managers and individuals to reference when looking for free leads.

If you know of a service offering free leads that aren’t here, let me know and I’ll get them added.

Free Leads: 150
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Tomba is a high-quality lead email-finding tool that can make your email outreach efforts a breeze and help you generate leads in seconds.

The solution is so easy to use that you simply input the domain of the company you are targeting, and the platform will provide all the contact information on the database of the employees at your target company. You can then fine-tune your lead generation efforts and filter for the business function that is most suitable for your target market.

Key lead generation features include:

Domain Search

Get a list of people working at a specific company, including their full name and email address. Tomba has over 430 million email addresses on its database and provides search filters for efficiency and deliverability checks to ensure your emails will get read!

Email Finder

The email finder helps you generate leads for anyone on the internet in just a few seconds. Simply input the name of the person you want to contact and their company website to get their correct email address.

Email Verifier

Found an email for your prospect on social media but not sure if it is correct. The email verification feature ensures you can send emails with confidence. Simply input the email in question for quick verification results.

Get 150 Leads with provides an impressive free plan with 50 searches and 100 verifications per month. Get 150 free leads at the link below.

Free Leads: 50
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skrapp io homepage is an email lookup and business data enrichment tool for B2B sales outreach and marketing, which helps you find verified emails directly within social media platform Linkedin.

More than 2M users currently use, and their chrome extension has had over 70k+ installs from the Google Chrome store, helping you generate leads quickly and efficiently.

Key lead generation features that help you boost your sales funnel include:

Email Finder

Find email addresses with’s email finder. Simply enter either the company name or website and the prospect name, and Skrapp will search millions of data points to find the best email for your outreach efforts.

Linkedin Chrome Extension

Quickly find the email addresses of potential leads with Skrapp’io’s Linkedin Scraper Chrome extension. This tool means you never have to spend too much time in different systems – the solution can fit into your current workflow with social media and business lead sourcing right where you need it.

Bulk Email Finder

You can get free verified emails with Skrapp’s bulk email finder tool. The platform allows you to quickly and effortlessly verify pages of emails instantly, making it perfect for verifying information that you may have gotten from other data sources, such as social media.

Get 50 Leads with

You get 50 free searches each month when you sign up for a free account at If you want to determine whether is the best email finder tool for you, use the free account to test out all the features.

Free Leads: 100
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clearout homepage is an email verification and data enrichment service that helps you 4x your return on investment, providing higher quality reach, reducing email bounces and improving your email deliverability.

The main features you can use when it comes to generating high-quality data includes:

Email Finder

The Clearout email finder helps you find the emails of potential customers on any domain you search, so as long as you have their website (which can be easily found on a search engine like Google), the email address of your customer can be easily obtained.

Email Verification

A unique feature of Clearout is its point-of-capture verification service. This service allows you to get emails verified where ever your customer’s emails are captured. Potential capture points include websites, social media sites, blog posts and chatbots. The Clearout email verification service protects your CRM from disposable, fake and bad email addresses improving efficiency and data quality.

Clearout for Sheets

Another feature of Clearout is its add-on for Google Sheets. This add-on allows to you validate emails from within Google Sheets and avoid unnecessary duplication of processes when it comes to uploading, downloading and switching between multiple lists.

Get 100 Leads with allows you to get free leads as part of their free trial. Simply get started with a free account, and you’ll get 100 free leads to test out their service.

Free leads: 100
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A service provided by the same company – – above, Clearout Phone provides a phone validation service. This ensures that the phone leads you are calling are valid and you aren’t wasting precious time calling phone numbers that aren’t.

Clearout phone helps you find the phone number of your leads so you can convert them to opportunities faster.

Features include:

Phone Number Validation & Formatting

Ensure the numbers you enter into your CRM and the correct format and are valid for dialling, which will immensely improve your sales and marketing efficiency.

Carrier & Line Type Lookup

Broaden the scope of your outreach efforts to prospects with this service to help confirm the legitimacy of the phone number – particularly useful if the number has been inputted by a potential customer from blog posts etc.

Location & Time Zone Information

Get location and time zone information on the phone number you are calling so you don’t call people outside of work hours. Having phone number geo-location data can also help with SMS scheduling efforts.

Get Free Phone Leads with

As part of the free trial, offers 100 free phone leads to test out their service. Sign up today and get free access to their powerful phone enrichment tools.

Free Leads: 50
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Apollo is an industry leader when it comes to data enrichment services. The platform allows you to search over 250 million contacts at 60 million companies, meaning you’ll find the exact lead data you need.

No Google search engine is required!

The benefits of Apollo include:

Search & Engage

Apollo’s database includes over 250 million prospects to engage with laser precision. Their engagement feature means you can work with a lead inside their all-in-one platform or with your own sales engagement tools.

Analyze & Optimize

Don’t operate blindly with your lead generation efforts. With Apollo, you can make data-backed prospecting decisions based on their recommended engine or split tests.

Enrich & Cleanse

Keep your lead and business data clean with Apollo’s automatic enrichment feature. Ensure you aren’t wasting precious business hours cleansing data and spend more time selling!

Apollo Chrome Extension

Speed up your workflow and get to the call to action faster with the Apollo Chrome Extension. With the extension installed, you can generate data directly from the LinkedIn website.

Get 50 Leads with offer 50 free leads a month under their free plan, which is a great way to generate leads regularly without any upfront cost!


Free Leads: 5
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lusha homepage

Lusha is one of the original data enrichment service providers that helps you sell more with some of the most accurate business and contact data on the market.

I personally use Lusha to acquire data from the APAC region as they have a great database of mobile numbers on hand.

Lusha is currently used by over one million users worldwide which makes it one of the most popular services on the market for companies looking to enrich their data. Key features include


Lusha has a host of filters available that allow you to generate lists of thousands quickly and efficiently. The data provided is complete with actionable data such as first and last name for your sales team to engage with. These lists are then exported to a CRM of your choice for a quick and efficient workflow.


The browser extension allows you to generate customers data anywhere you work. Whether that be a website address, Linkedin or Salesforce. With the browser extension, you’ll have a quick process on hand for prospecting efforts.


You can automatically enrich data with Lusha’s Salesforce enrichment services. This makes improving poor business information effortless and scalable. You can be sure that the information your representative’s call will be accurate.

Get 5 Free Leads With Lusha

You can test drive Lusha’s service for free to get 5 credits. The free plan includes direct phone numbers, landline phone numbers, email addresses and their Linkedin chrome extension.

Free Leads: 75
Sign up here is the leading data enrichment platform that helps businesses of all sizes improve their lead-generation efforts. With millions of contacts and companies in its database, Hunter is a quick and easy way to find free leads for your outreach campaigns.

Hunter is fantastic if you want to generate or search for email addresses for prospect information you have found online. Simply enter the website domain of the target companies, and you’ll then be presented with a more detailed search. features include:

Domain Search

Find contacts at any business with a list of employee email addresses by simply entering the business website address. The benefit of data is in it’s deliverability checks – you can be sure the email info is current and accurate. Domain search is perfect for doing outreach to find email addresses for your next blog posts!

Email Finder

Want to get a convincing call to action in front of your best companies? The email finder can help you find the email info of the audience you wish to target, either individually or in bulk. The email finder utilizes the most probable email address or proven email address for accuracy.

Email Verifier

Already have business addresses from a website that you found online but are unsure if they are correct? The email verifier will ensure that the emails you have are correct and appropriate to send. A very helpful feature indeed.

Get 75 Verified Email Searches with Hunter provides email search and verification features. They offer free email verification for up to 50 leads per month and monthly lead searches of 25 per month.


Free Leads: 25
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Leadfuze is one of the only platforms that automate your lead generation efforts. With the ability to sync with your favourite CRM tool or outreach tool, you can be sure that your data will be accurate, making this solution certainly worth the cost!

LeadFuze says they are “the most accurate contact and data intelligence possible for revenue teams and recruiters.

LeadFuze has been specifically built for:

  • Sales teams: We know sales reps want to get their call to action in front of as many people as possible!
  • Marketing Departments: Achieve a better connection rate with the marketing campaigns you deploy online to ensure your efforts aren’t wasted.
  • Recruiters: The recruitment industry is a competitive one which makes it all the more reason to have good data for generating high-quality leads.

Get 25 Leads from the Leadfuze Website

LeadFuze offers leads with their free plan. You can search for leads and get contact information including email addresses, social media profiles and more.


Free Leads: 5
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Uplead is a platform that prides itself on accurate data.

For this reason, they provide access to high-quality data with over 95% accuracy across over 108 million contacts and 14 million company profiles. Their data goes through an eight-step verification process to ensure that poor data doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Specific tools for the job that Uplead provides include:


Get access to lead information with over 50 search filters to find the exact data you are looking for.

Email Verification

Due to the strict data vetting process, Uplead ensures every email that is exported is verified.

Bulk Lookup Tool

Across their contacts, Uplead can provide information across over 40 data points.

Data Enrichement

Get contact information for leads you are already working with Upleads data enrichment tool. Simply provide the full name and URL of the contact in question.

Intent Data

Make the most of your time by prospecting the best leads that you know are ready to buy. Upleads intent data feature analyses consumption patterns to help you approach the right targets and scale you business quickly.

Get 5 Lead with Uplead

Avoid dodgy data with UpLead. Their service provides lead generation with over 95% accuracy. You can enter your email address and try their platform with 5 free leads.


Free Leads: 50
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Lead411 provides inbox response verified emails that are 96% accurate and have the highest volume of direct business-to-business lines in the data enrichment industry (according to them). Lead 411’s data enrichment service can help you build strong relationships and close more deals quickly.

Lead411 has the ability to cover data requirements across many industries including:

  • Sales Services
  • SaaS and Technology Services
  • Marketing Departments
  • Recruiting

Get 50 Leads with Lead411

Lead411 provides free leads for businesses of all sizes. You can sign up for free and get access to their database of millions of companies.

Free Leads: 50
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The Seamless Ai data enrichment software provides verified mobile numbers, email addresses and direct lines for prospects you want to sell to. Seamless provides that only real-time search engine that lets you build a massive pipeline of decision-makers quickly and easily.

Seamless Ai solution features include:

Sales Prospecting

Build accurate lead lists with their sales prospecting solution to and make sure your are having productive conversations with the right people.

Chrome Extension

Use the Google Chrome extension to find email addresses and direct lines for contacts anywhere on the web.

Data Enrichment

Erich existing data with missing information across your existing contacts.


Seamless AI allow integrations into all your favourite platforms, including, Hubspot, Outreach, Sales Navigator and other more popular CRM solutions.

Get 50 Leads with Seamless AI

Find verified mobiles, direct lines and emails to turn into sales leads with the seamless lead service. Just enter your business email and you can generate leads for free! The free plan provides 50 to get you started.

Contact Out

Find the phone number of your hottest prospects with Contact Out. The team offers a generous 40 leads for free per month on their free plan which can go a long way to boosting your sales funnel.

Free Leads: 40
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Find That Email

If you’re looking for free sales leads, Find That Email is a great option. With their free plan you can enter a name and domain to find the email address of someone at a company. The plan provides 50 find credits per month which would be great to find info for your most qualified leads.

Free Leads: 50
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Swordfish helps you find contact data for anyone on the internet. This could be any potential leads you might have were you want to get specific information on potential customers at a company you are targeting.

Free Leads: 10
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With the LeadIQ prospecting workflow you can spend more time generating business and less time on data entry. Their platform enables sales teams to capture leads whilst performing a Linkedin search and provides an analytics dashboard for sales management. Their free plan provides 15 free work email leads per week.

Free Leads: 60
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There you have it! These are some of the best lead generation services out there for free sales leads. All of them offer a free trial or free plan so you can test out their features before committing to a paid plan. With these free options you should have no problem generating leads for your sales outreach. Happy hunting!

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