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How to Improve Productivity and Boost Engagement with Email Personalization AI

Suppose you’re looking to grow your business through email marketing. In that case, email personalization should play a significant role in the process. After all, using someone’s name in the subject line can increase the open rate by up to 26%.

On top of that, 50% of companies said they receive improved customer engagement thanks to email personalization. And that only makes sense. People are more likely to engage with an email addressed directly to them versus a generic message.

You can use AI email tools to create email templates whilst at the same time creating a cold email campaign that is still personalized for the prospect data you are targeting.

This blog post will explain how AI writing tools can help with email personalization of subject lines and content. It will be like having your own artificial email assistant! After all, AI is a hot topic on the internet now, not only for writing but also for video personalization and many other tools to boost productivity.

Why is email personalization important?

Stats speak for themselves. Around 74% of marketers state that targeted personalization actively increases customer engagement. Market studies also showed that segmented and targeted emails bring in 58% of all the revenue, which is incredibly valuable for maximum growth and opportunities to scale efficiently within your business.

You have a much higher chance of improved conversion rates by adding personalized content to your marketing efforts and sales emails. Potentially saving hours and hours of marketing work and budgets.

Personalization also shows your customers that you care about them by putting in the effort to really engage with your customer. And, if you leverage AI, you won’t have to spend hours and hours crossing personalization tasks off to-do lists!

How to personalize an email?

Messaging is extremely important for any outbound efforts but equally important is the personalization of that messaging.

Personalizing an email can be an excellent way to make your email marketing efforts stand out and encourage the recipient to open it. This is especially relevant for cold emails, which can be more challenging to write since you don’t know the email target very well.

There are different strategies you can employ to make even a cold email feel appealing and interesting such as:

  • Make sure that you use a specific, relevant subject line. For example, if the email relates to a podcast, include the podcast name in the subject line. The same thing can be true if you have a case study. Try to ensure that you showcase the purpose of the content in the subject line, and then mention the subject again in the intro as well.
  • The intro needs to be personalized, so do some research. The idea here is to show the email recipient that you know their pains and challenges and understand the situation. The intro doesn’t need to be long, but keeping it personal is crucial if you want to capture the reader’s attention.
  • With the email capturing the readers’ attention, you then want to cover various things that are specific to the company or prospect. Write about the work they did, their achievements, and even the blog posts they wrote. These things can make a difference and undoubtedly make your email more appealing.
  • At the end of the email, you want to have a CTA, but make sure it relates to the person in question. Ideally, you don’t want to do a hard sell. Instead, it makes a lot more sense to keep things soft but still guide the person towards reaching out to you and connecting, establishing a meeting, etc.
  • You can double down on that by adding a PS section that stands out. It can be something funny. Maybe a recommendation. Or, you can be more serious and focus on some benefits that the person would have from getting back to you. Experimentation is key here, but you want to keep things simple and fun for the most part.

Where can you find data to use for personalizing emails?

There are plenty of resources available to find great content for personalization.

Checking a customer’s LinkedIn profile can be a great starting point. You can check awards, recent posts, and personal achievements that your email recipient recently received. Case studies are also an excellent source for accomplishments and publications.

Some of the other great data sources include blog posts, recent news, and any online events that a person attended. You can find additional, more personal information on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok. The more personal, the more likely you will capture the reader’s attention. Just try and not come across as too creepy!

It’s a good idea to expand and try to access as many sources for information as possible. The more information you have on hand on the prospect, the more personalization options you will have.

The best email personalization AI solutions

Suppose you don’t want to go through all that time and effort required to find personal information on the internet. Then, email AI tools can go a long way to helping you save time and money whilst also benefiting from email personalization.

If you’re looking for some excellent email personalization AI solutions, there are a few different software platforms that can help you. They are dependable, efficient and easy to adapt to your requirements.

We consider the 3 tools listed below the top AI email writing tools and some of the most efficient ones available. (

Lyne is an AI tool designed to provide email personalization for email outreach.

The platform uses artificial email intelligence to help boost the cold outreach response rates while automating the process. At the same time, creating extraordinary emails that will generate more replies and conversions than traditional marketing emails.

The platform is simple to use and provides a stellar way to personalize subject lines while performing in-depth customer research for exceptional results.

With, everything is on autopilot, so you can focus more on your business while Lyne takes care of the rest.


  • Lyne can write up to 1000+ intros in a single hour. This means it’s 9000% faster when compared to any VA or SDR.
  • You receive professional, matching subject lines that will help increase open rates. Every subject line is relevant and personalized to every prospect.
  • Lyne performs in-depth research thanks to machine learning and AI. This allows you to identify information a regular person would not find.
  • It allows you to put personalized outreach on autopilot – everything is double-checked by the app.
  • Lyne is multilanguage, so it can produce lines in other languages, not just English. The supported languages, for now, are English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Dutch.


Lyne has a free plan. However, it will cost a single credit for a personalized row. You get 20% off and 100 lynes per month if you pay yearly. The yearly plan will cost $250 per year.

If you want 400 lynes per month, it will cost you $500 every year.

You can buy up to a maximum of 100,000 lynes per month.

Lyne offers complete integration, and if you don’t use your lynes in a single month, credits rollover, which is excellent to know!

Bottom line

Lyne is ideal for anyone that wants to automate their email marketing strategy. It allows you to create appealing subject lines and personalized email content, thanks to machine learning and AI. Since Lyne has a free plan, it’s good to test it out and see if it fits your needs and requirements.

Smartwriter (

SmartWriter is one of the most popular AI email writing tools globally. Its focus is to help you automate hours of research while also sending personalized emails with just a single click. You can personalize based on activity, achievements, and a wide range of other areas.



  • SmartWriter offers personalized cold email outreach, and it relies on the online data of your prospect. Thanks to machine learning and AI, SmartWriter makes it easy to access relevant information and create powerful emails, thus bringing great open rates, which would be hard to achieve otherwise.
  • With SmartWriter, you can scrape thousands of qualified leads from the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This allows you to connect with thousands of decision-makers fast and easy.
  • The Deep Enrichment system allows this tool to help you enhance your list of leads with accurate, dependable lead data. The automation is fast and efficient, and you can start it with just a single click.
  • SmartWriter can help personalize emails based on user bio and activity. It can also generate content that compliments your prospects based on their skills, job profile, and other factors.
  • The tool also offers automated SEO backlink outreach. It reads and studies blogs to create personalized emails unique for each prospect.


SmartWriter has 3 different plans, the Basic plan, the Popular plan and the Pro Plan. If you choose a yearly payment method, you receive 20% off for all plans.

If you go with the yearly option, the Basic plan is $49 per month, the Popular plan costs $124 per month, and the Pro plan is $299 per month.

All plans include up to 15 personalized lines per lead, access to AI tools, unlimited projects and the ability to export AI content. The difference between plans stems from the number of credits you receive. For example, Basic would be 400 credits, 1200 credits for Popular, and 3500 credits for the Pro Plan.

If you don’t use your monthly credits, they roll over to the next month.

Bottom line

SmartWriter is the ideal option for any business that wants to find great, new leads and generate B2B sales. It’s also helpful if you’re going to promote your new business to vetted professionals found on LinkedIn. It makes cold outreach simpler and more convenient while automating the process and showing you off in a very positive light.

Breakcold (

Breakcold is an email AI tool whose focus is to help you create awesome, powerful and engaging emails that will turn leads into clients. Breakcold can also help you automate the entire sales outreach workflow while personalizing emails at a vast scale.


  • Breakcold helps create personalized content adapted to the prospect and their interests. The entire generation process is fast, accurate and designed to help bring in the utmost attention and focus.
  • Breakcold’s email assistant will help write emails that guarantee replies. It helps take your email copywriting to the next level while bringing efficiency, quality and professionalism to every email. At the same time, it adds the perfect touch of personalization to encourage replies from prospects.
  • It’s one of the most straightforward tools to find B2B email addresses for any of your prospects.
  • This tool is designed to help you send thousands of cold emails daily. You have a comprehensive automatic rotation system to ensure you reach all the people on your list at the right time.
  • Breakcold’s system is designed to prevent any emails from going to spam. It also features custom domain tracking to help improve deliverability.
  • The automation system also helps with follow-up emails sent automatically every 2 days, with the date being fully customizable.


Breakcold users can pay up to 42% less if they subscribe every year. Their 3 plans are named Warmup, Individual and Business.

The Warmup plan is $16.67 per month/mailbox if you pay yearly. The Individual plan is $29.17 per month/mailbox, and the Business plan costs $58.33 per month/mailbox. In addition, the Individual and Business plans include breakcoins, access to the Breakcold academy, and priority support.

Bottom line

Breakcold is the ideal option if you want to focus on personalizing emails and creating a powerful email marketing strategy. The AI tool is very efficient. The systems used to protect deliverability rates are robust, not to mention they all work in the background. Breakcold is excellent for any business that wants to focus on outreach while also saving time automating email writing tasks.


Many different email AI tools are on the market, each with its own flavour and features.

The options listed above are not only the most popular but also very efficient, reliable and customizable according to your needs.

Quality is what matters the most in email personalization. These tools have everything you need to capture the prospect’s imagination and

generate sales. It can be an excellent idea to test them out and see which one suits your requirements the most.


How is AI related to email?

AI can help you create emails by harnessing relevant data you acquired through machine learning. As a result, it makes it easier to personalize emails and, more specifically, their subject line or introduction without detracting from the email quality.

Can AI write emails?

Yes, many AI email writing tools help you automate the email writing process while also ensuring the entire content is personalized for your recipient.

What’s the best email AI tool?

The best email AI tool is the one that best suits your needs. There are many different options available, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before deciding.

What are some of the benefits of using an email AI tool?

Some of the benefits of using an email AI tool include saving time, improving email quality and deliverability, and increasing sales.

Does Gmail use AI?

Gmail relies on AI to bifurcate your content according to relevance and context. So yes, it uses AI to further personalize and adapt your experience.

How does AI help in managing emails?

AI studies the way you interact with emails, and it identifies email tasks that you would complete on your own. It can then automate these tasks, thus saving you a significant amount of time.


Email personalization is a hot topic these days, and for a good reason. Email is one of the most essential tools in a marketer’s toolkit, and personalizing emails can make a big difference in terms of results.

Whether you are looking to boost conversion rate, connect better with your audience or increase open rates, email personalization will help. The issue is that doing it well and at scale can be incredibly time-consuming. Not to mention the amount of research that needs to be done for every single prospect before you even start writing content.

Suppose you are interested in how email AI could help your business. In that case, it is worth split testing your customer list. Create one list without personalization and one list with personalization. Once the campaign is complete, you can analyze the data and see what campaign performed the best.

With this data, you can quickly establish whether using email AI to personalize your emails is worth the investment.

AI email, AI email assistants, natural language processing and deep learning, are constantly evolving in 2022. Email AI is just one of many new technologies emerging to make you and your business more efficient.


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