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Best DAWs for Chromebook for Your Musical Creativity! (Free Options)

I’ve always told people that I’m a musician by trade, and that’s because I am.

Before I got into sales, I spent a good amount of time performing as a full-time musician, playing weddings, pubs and corporate functions four nights a week, chasing my dream of rock stardom.

Considering I am now a software sales professional, consider this post an amalgamation of two of my passions, music and technology.

A DAW stands for digital audio workstation, and it’s essentially the application that musicians use to create, record and edit their music.

Personally, I use Ableton Live on a Mac, but there are many options for all computer configurations. with this post focusing on DAW for Chromebook options.

With many great DAWs available for Chromebook users, I’ve taken some time to highlight the top options here. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s something for everyone, so check out my chrome os DAWs below.


Soundtrap is a highly functional and simple-to-use DAW for Chromebook option. The music production software requires an account to be set up to start using the browser-based app, which also provides a free trial of all the premium features.

There is a free option, but it is provided with certain limitations.

Features Included

  • Many loops and instrument options for music making
  • Midi device compatibility to make it easier for you to make music
  • Networking and collaboration features that make it easy to share music and ideas with your network. They can then have the ability to listen to and even edit your songs.

Other great features include the ability to import and export audio files, as well as record and edit your tracks using a variety of different tools. Overall, Soundtrap is a great DAW for Chromebook users who want to make music quickly and easily.

I will update this post regularly, so come back often to check out more DAW for Chromebook options!

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