Cold Calling Is Dead?

Cold Calling Is Dead.

Do you agree with that statement?

Funny how everyone loves to ‘hustle,’ but no one likes to cold call. It’s the same thing.

If you do think cold calling is dead, you should reconsider what you think it takes to be successful. I come across countless individuals and business owners wondering why they aren’t making the sales and getting the traction they ought to in there business. When I dig a little deeper, I understand why.

They are not putting enough time into selling, and digital paper shuffling is ruining the potential of countless businesses.

“But now, with the internet and social selling, the business comes to me,” you might say.

Well, imagine that – as well as receiving inbound leads – you spent some time prospecting? With the whole world at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

But look, I understand.

I remember the first time I got sent to knock on the doors of businesses in the Wellington CBD. I spent over an hour walking up and down the street, smoking as many cigarettes to avoid interacting with people!

Fear of rejection takes heed, and any excuse not too cold call becomes a good enough of a reason. Right? That attitude is not going to get you the success you want and most likely deserve. Prospecting should be the number one task on your daily to-do list.

So how do you get started? How do you take life and the success of your business to the next level?

One Thing.

Start talking to people about your business. Daily. If you are not talking to at least 20 (or more like 150, but I know that’s too difficult for some…) leads per day, you are wasting a valuable opportunity. People aren’t scary, and there is no need to hide. Believe in your product and start selling because you will find buyers.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner struggling to make ends meet, or fresh young hustler who is flailing about before you’ve even had the chance to start. Once you begin prospecting daily, you will start seeing results.

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