bhuman ai Video Messaging at Scale

When I first started selling ten years ago, I was given a phone, business card, email and excel. I was told to hit the street and start knocking on doors, so I did and i was pretty good at it. Little did I expect myself to still be selling all these years later.

For me, selling in 2012 felt more like selling in the nineties than it did selling in the noughties. I wasn’t using any sophisticated technology to help me do my job and even if it existed, I certainly wasn’t aware of it. It’s not until recently that I have capitialising on the full capabilities of sales techology to help me.and my team work more effectively, efficiently and at scale.

We all know it, Outbound Sales is challenging but also highly rewarding and the more tools we have at our disposal enabling us to execute more effectively on a day to day basis. I’m all for. Outside of the usual CRMs and Sales Automation tools, there seems to be a raft of new technology being developed to take outreach to the next level. is one of those tools.

Personalised Video Messaging at Scale

We all know that video messaging can be time consuming. Bhuman is a reletively new player in the sales tech space that enables you to make highly personalised videos at scale. This means that you can record a video once, then add specific variables to that video to personalise as you see fit. Variables could include name, special offers or approvals to name a few.

Using the bhuman canvas platform you can build unlimited workflow sequences across hundreds of apps such as Salesforce, Shopify, Twillo and even spreadsheets and lists. The end result is highly personalised video messaging at scale which results in 124% increase in open rate, 593% clickthrough rates and 302% successful CTAs. Not a bad return on investment at all.

Real World Applications

In the outbound sales industry some of the most frequented use cases would be with Linkedin and email outreach. Providing a video as a touch point for these strategies really goes a long way towards enabling you to stand out against the flurry of unsolicited emaills a prospect might recieve on a daily basis. With the ability to scale, video messaging could also extend to other areas of the sales funnel such as demo confirmations, customer onboarding and upsells and cross sells. Using video also goes a long way to in ‘humanising’ your sales team. Yes we are people and we do have feelings!

Potential Tradeoffs/Downsides

Whilst this kind of technology is great for high volume outreach, it is still not quite as personal as an actual recorded video by a sales rep. Much like with automated email sequences, over time this kind of technology will end up becoming common, to the point that it will be easier to a automated video to a personal one. Outside of common variables, there will always be a lack of ability to input more intimate information such is found on the likes of Linkedin or Facebook.

What do you think of this kind of technology? An integral part of the salespersons tool kit? Or another gimmick that will be gone in a few years?

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