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The Best Email Personalization Tools to Boost Email Engagement

It’s been proven that email personalization goes a long way to help your emails get better engagement with your subscribers. Emails with personalized content, tailored subject lines, and visuals stand out amongst the generic emails in a crowded inbox.

Without email personalization in the form of dynamic content, you may miss out on engagement opportunities with your subscribers.

While many email personalization software options are available to assist in creating dynamic email content, not all are created equal.

In this post, I’ll be looking at some of the best email personalization tools available so you can make informed decisions when selecting a tool to help boost engagement for your emails.

What is Email Personalization?

Email personalization uses data, such as demographic or behavioural information, to tailor email content to each subscriber. It allows marketers to craft more targeted messages based on a customer’s needs or wants.

For example, suppose your email list has customers who subscribed to your mailing list because of a specific blog post or product they viewed on your website. In that case, you can use email personalization to tailor the content of each message to their tastes or interests. This way, customers are more likely to engage with the email and take action.

Using an email personalization tool, marketers can quickly create dynamic content blocks they can incorporate into their emails.

How dynamic content helps create a more personalized email message.

Dynamic content is a type of email personalization that changes the content of an email based on certain conditions. You may have dynamic content blocks triggered when a user’s purchase history or interests match specific criteria.

For instance, if someone was an avid reader of books, an email personalization tool could show them email content related to books they may like. Similarly, the dynamic content could suggest related products or services if someone had recently purchased a product.

Dynamic content can create a more tailored experience for your subscribers, keep them engaged with your emails over time, and ensure that dynamic email messages are addressed to the correct recipient based on their interests.

The Best Email Personalization Tools

Below, I’ll take a look at some of the best email platforms where email personalization can help you make the most of your email campaigns.


MailChimp is an email marketing platform that allows you to personalize your emails with dynamic content. It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and allows you to segment your list and track the performance of each email.

The platform helps you craft dynamic email messages unique to each customer journey with the following email personalization options.

  • Audience Segmentation: MailChimp allows for the segmentation of your list, so you can send emails to different customers based on their interests or purchase history.
  • Add Merge Tags: Send dynamic content to your subscribers using MailChimp’s merge tags. You can include customer names and other personalized data in your emails to make them more engaging.
  • Send Time-Based Dynamic Emails: With time-optimized emails, MailChimp will send messages based on the times your customers are most likely to open them.

Most of the features above can be completely automated, so you don’t have to configure personalization options manually.


ConvertKit is an all-in-one email marketing platform that helps you create personalized emails for each stage of your sales funnel. You can easily segment your list and set up automated triggers to send customized emails based on customer actions.

With Convertkit, you can send highly customizable dynamic email messages to subscribers based on tags, custom form fields and their specific location. You can then personalize your content for particular groups of users.

Convertkit also provides basic personalization options through the use of liquid code. This code allows you to add basic content to your dynamic email messages, such as a user’s first name or email address. An example of liquid code could look like a couple of the examples below:

  • {{ subscriber.first_name }}
  • {{ subscriber.email_address }}

Using the liquid code, you can easily add personalized content to your dynamic email messages without configuring each message manually.


Ortto is an email personalization tool designed to help you easily create dynamic content within your emails. For example, the platform can quickly create personalized email messages based on criteria you set up, such as purchase history or click-throughs.

The platform features a drag-and-drop editor allowing you to create personalized emails with personalized content easily. It also provides a simple range of templates that can be used to customize your emails quickly.

What’s more, Ortto lets you automate the personalization process using its triggers and logic rules. This allows you to set up emails that are sent automatically when a user performs specific actions.

Overall, Ortto is an easy-to-use email personalization tool that can help you create dynamic emails with minimal effort.

Omnisend is an email automation platform designed for eCommerce stores. It features a wide range of personalized email templates, automation options, and advanced segmentation features.

The email editor helps you create dynamic blocks that can help you cross-sell with dynamic email content suggestions.

You can start personalizing with features such as the dynamic product recommender block. This feature can pull up to 8 different products from your store based on criteria such as recent purchases, product categories and user behaviour.

There is also a visual editor that lets you customize and create dynamic emails in minutes. You can also use the automation tool to set up automated triggers and personalized campaigns.


Freshmarketer is a powerful email personalization tool by Freshworks designed for teams of all sizes. It offers advanced segmentation, automation features, and dynamic content blocks allowing you to customize each email quickly.

With Freshmarker’s dynamic email feature, you can segment your website visitors into different categories and serve them content tailored to their interests, providing personalized recommendations across your customer data to help them convert better.

Segmentation is essential for creating personalized emails. It allows you to be more targeted with the personas you are reaching out to.

Specific email personalization within a dynamic email could be based on particular targeting rules, such as:

  • Location: Content that is tailored to a specific geographic area.
  • Behaviour: You can target a customer based on the type of content that they engage with.
  • Demographics: Content tailored to age, gender and other demographic data.

Not only that, but Freshworks also provides you with an analytics dashboard from which you can view the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments to improve their effectiveness.

Overall, Freshmarketer is an excellent email personalization tool that can help you create dynamic emails quickly and easily.


Email personalization is a powerful way to ensure your emails are seen and resonate with your subscribers. With the right email personalization tool, you can create dynamic content to tailor your emails to each subscriber, maximizing the possibility that they convert.

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