Best Desk for Dual Monitors (Updated 2023)

The Best Computer Desk for Dual Monitors: All Occasions

A computer desk setup with two monitors can greatly benefit multitaskers by allowing them to run multiple applications simultaneously.

However, creating a home office desk setup with dual monitors can present challenges, such as finding a large and sturdy surface compatible with the monitor stand that’s needed to support the set up.

But with the right desk, you can achieve the perfect balance for any workflow, whether for a home office or double desk arrangement and whether you prefer to sit or stand. We’re here to assist you in finding the best desk for your dual monitor setup.

When selecting a computer desk for a dual monitor setup, there are a few key factors to consider.

The computer desk should be wide enough to comfortably fit two monitors and other necessary items such as a keyboard and mouse. Additionally, a storage arrangement on the back of the computer desk is essential to keep everything in place.

However, many other features and designs should be considered beyond these basics.

Our recommendations offer a mix of modern and classic options, with ample space and additional amenities to suit your specific needs and preferences.

DlandHome Double Computer Storage Desk

The DlandHome Double Computer Desk is an ideal choice for those looking for a minimalist and elegant design. Its wooden construction makes it a great fit for any office aesthetic, so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your existing decor. The desk is not only sturdy and durable, but also generously sized, so it’s best suited for larger workspaces.

This two-person desk also comes with a convenient middle shelf, perfect for storing files and office equipment that may be useful for your partner. It is a great option for those who are looking for a spacious and functional desk that also has a stylish design.

Ergonofis The Sway

This desk is a unique, handcrafted standing computer desk with a sleek, modern design and added functionality. Its programmable buttons and cable management storage keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

The Sway, a handcrafted standing desk from Ergonofis, is the epitome of elegance and modern design. Made using locally sourced wood, it comes in three stunning finishes, including walnut and maple. The motorized height adjustment feature allows you to seamlessly transition of the desk’s height and the desks lifting capacity can accommodate your dual monitors, desktop PC and any other items you desire to place on the desk surface. The height adjustment is easily controlled via a sleek touch screen inset, which can also be programmed with two heights for easy switching.

Ergonofis also offers a wide range of polished accessories that complement the desk’s aesthetic, such as a desk drawer, cable management options, and a desk shelf making it a great desk for two monitors. If you are searching for a customizable desk that can be paired with a variety of accessories, The Sway from Ergonofis is a fantastic option.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo

The Jarvis Bamboo standing computer desk is an elegant, modern choice that offers a variety of convenient features. With the ability to adjust the computer desk to various heights, a weight capacity of 350 pounds, and an industry-leading warranty, this desk is built to last and meet all your needs.

The Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing computer desk brings enhanced ergonomics to your workstation. This stylish solution features a height-adjustable design and one touch programmable buttons that let you quickly adjust the settings for comfortable use throughout the day.

The Jarvis not only offers three different sizes, but allows you to customize the exact height range that works best for your needs. And with a weight capacity of 350 pounds – it’s sure to stand up against even the heaviest workloads.

With the Fully Jarvis, you can make it your own. Imbue a professional edge with options like grommet holes and accessories for must-have items such as surge protectors, monitor arms and cable management solutions.

If you’re looking for a high-performance standing desk to increase productivity and comfort at an affordable price, the Fully Jarvis Bamboo is your go-to. With its superior construction quality, it offers unbeatable value compared to pricier models like the Ergonofis Sway – allowing you maximize luxury without compromising on budget!

Sedeta Computer Desk

The large computer desk from is a spacious and functional option that can hold a variety of items such as books, office gear, a file pocket, a keyboard, and even two computers. With dimensions of 55 x 23.6 x 36.6 inches, it is suitable for a variety of spaces such as a study room, office, living room, and bedroom. The desk also features a built-in shelf, perfect for placing a printer or plants. The raised desktop design promotes proper posture while working. The desk is constructed with P2 degree environmentally friendly wood that is resistant to scratches and friction, making it a steady and durable option.

Flexispot Studio Standing Desk ESD 101

This versatile computer desk is ideal for both musicians and podcasters, offering ample space for an 88-key keyboard tray, an equalizer, an amplifier, speakers, and even two monitors. It is designed to accommodate all the necessary equipment for your creative endeavors.

FlexiSpot’s Studio Standing Desk is the perfect solution for any music producer who wants to take their workflow up a notch. Crafted with maple wood and metal, this desktop has plenty of space – large enough for an 88-key keyboard tray AND two monitors & speakers, plus room however you choose to customize it – equalizer? Amplifier? You got it! It also features height adjustability so switching from sitting down or standing up during long mixes can be done easily at the push of a button. On top that all off, there’s even anti-collision technology built in—giving your equipment extra protection as you work away on creating something extraordinary every time.

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk

Step up your gaming setup with the stylish and powerful Magnus from Secretlab. Its sleek all-metal design adds a touch of luxury to any room, while its RGB light strip provides dynamic colors that can be adjusted at the press of a button. And don’t forget about those pesky cables – they’ll stay settled in one place thanks to an ingeniously designed cable management tray!

Crate & Barrel Tate Walnut Desk

The Tate desk is a spacious and stylish option that comes equipped with three solid poplar drawers for ample storage space. Additionally, it features a power strip with dual outlets and two additional USB ports for easy access to power and charging.

The Tate Desk from Crate & Barrel is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality, stylish and spacious desk to support your computer desk set-up needs.

The desk features a clean design that blends elements of vintage and modern style, making it versatile and fitting with any sufficient space.

It offers enough room for a dual-monitor setup while providing a clean, sturdy, spacious work area. Though it doesn’t have some of the features found in other options, it has other stand out features such as an integrated power strip underneath the desk, which minimizes cable clutter for the perfect desk setup.

Burrow Pilot Desk

The Pilot Desk from Burrow is a functional and stylish option for office and work setups. It is designed with ample space for a monitor arm, a drawer for ample storage, and cord management to keep cables organized and out of sight. These features make it easy to create a clean and organized workspace.

The Pilot Desk may be compact in size, but it is full of charm and functionality. The modern design gives it a vintage appeal, but it is also equipped with modern conveniences that make it suitable for those who appreciate a sleek design and need a desk that is ready for a PC setup.

The desk features cord management, a wooden plate that reveals a hidden monitor arm mount, and a bottom drawer for storage, all of which are convenient features. Additionally, it has legs that give it a professional and polished look, making it perfect for meetings. If you prefer a standing desk, the Pilot Desk is also available in a standing version.

Best Budget L Shaped Computer Desk: Mr. Ironstone L Shaped Desk

The L shaped computer desk from Mr. Ironstone is a budget-friendly option that provides ample workspace for all your computer needs.

The Mr. Ironstone L-shaped desk is a stylish and practical option that adds savvy space-saving solutions to any workspace! Its sturdy metal frame supports up to 100 pounds, perfect for fitting two monitors or other essential supplies on top with no worry of buckling under the weight! It’s crafted from P2 MDF board in several colors such as black and rustic brown plus it features adjustable feet so you can level your work station even if the surface isn’t entirely flat. Finally, this sleek piece boasts an easy clean laminate finish – making organization easier than ever before at an affordable price point while working. The desk is constructed with P2 degree environmentally friendly wood that is resistant to scratches and friction, making it a steady and durable option.

Accessories for Dual Monitor Setup


A monitor mount is a great accessory for those who want to set up dual monitors on their computer desk. It allows you to easily adjust the height of your monitors


Monitor arms are another great accessory that provides extra flexibility when setting up dual monitors. The arms can be adjusted to fit any size and shape

Monitor Stand

A monitor stand allows you to adjust the height and angle of your monitors for optimal viewing comfort. It also helps to keep cords organized and out


Monitor risers are great for optimizing the ergonomic positioning of your monitors and providing extra storage space. They can be adjusted to a variety risers are great for optimizing the ergonomic positioning of your monitors and providing extra storage space. They can be adjusted to a variety of heights, depending


Monitor cables are necessary for connecting your monitors to the computer. Ensure you have enough cables that can reach from the back of

your to the computer. It’s also important to choose cables that are appropriate for your monitor setup and have enough bandwidth for

your desired resolution.

Keyboard Tray

Desk Keyboard Tray is a great option for those looking to add an ergonomic component to their workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of desk is best for dual monitors?

The best type of desk for dual monitors is one that provides enough space to comfortably fit two monitors.

Is a 55 inch desk big enough for 2 monitors?

Yes, a 55 inch desk should be sufficient for two monitors provided that your monitors are not too large.

How do I set up dual monitors on my desk?

Setting up dual monitors on your desk involves placing two separate monitor mounts, arms, or risers on your desk, and then connecting the monitors to your computer. Ensure you have enough cables that can reach from the back of your computer.

How do I adjust the height of my monitor?

You can adjust the height of your monitor by adjusting the arms, mounts, or risers that you have.

How do I choose the right monitor cables?

When choosing monitor cables, make sure that they are compatible with your monitors and have enough bandwidth for your desired resolution

How do I add a keyboard tray to my desk?

If your desk doesn’t already have one, you can purchase a keyboard tray that attaches to the bottom

How do I make sure my desk is ergonomic?

To ensure your desk is ergonomic, adjust the arms, mounts, or risers so that you can comfortably reach your keyboard and mouse. You can also add a keyboard tray to help improve ergonomics, as well as a monitor stand or riser to adjust the height and angle of your monitors.

Additionally, make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position with proper posture while working.

What type of wood is used in computer desks?

Many computer desks are made with P2 grade environmentally friendly wood, which is resistant to scratches and friction. This type of wood is strong and stable, providing a sturdy base for your workspace.

What are the benefits of a monitor mount?

A monitor mount is great for those who want to set up dual monitors on their computer desk. It allows you to easily adjust the height and angle of your monitors for optimal viewing comfort. Monitor mounts also provide extra space on your desk, helping to keep cords organized and out of the way.

Additionally, monitor mounts are easy to install and can be adjusted to fit any size or shape of monitor.

What is a monitor riser?

A monitor riser is another great option for optimizing the ergonomic positioning of your monitors and freeing.


Having the right setup for your workstation is essential to ensure ergonomics and comfort. Desk keyboard trays, monitor risers, and monitor mounts are all great options for optimizing your workspace. Additionally, make sure you have the right cables for connecting your monitors to the computer, as well as comfortable seating with proper posture.

With the right setup you can improve your productivity and comfort while working. In addition to the items mentioned above, it is important to have comfortable seating with proper posture.

Sitting on an ergonomic chair that provides support for your back, neck, and arms will help ensure you stay comfortable and productive while working. Additionally, make sure to adjust your monitors and desk accessories to the correct heights for optimal ergonomics. Lastly, when it comes to furniture and accessories, choose items made from durable materials that will last a long time. With the right setup, you can create a workspace that is both comfortable and productive.

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